Doug Thomas- Tattoo Artist

 We are excited to welcome Doug Thomas to Wayne’s Tattoo World! Doug began tattooing in 2007. He has pretty much been interested in art since he can remember which was the age of 5.  He has won many awards throughout his time in school even for architecture.  Many genres have interested him including, back drops for bands and custom painted cars.  Doug started tattooing in NY, then VA and eventually ended up in Colorado for 4 years.  A few places he has worked: Skin Evolution, Luminox, and Sublime Body Mod.  He has also done guest spot in Arizona at Frontier Tattoo Company as well as Sturgis Bike Rally and Denver Tattoo Expo for Villain Arts.  
Doug loves to paint, draw and build things, pretty much anything with his hands.  He has a very versatile style of tattooing which includes, black and gray, floral, realism, water color, fine line work, skulls and nature. 


Instagram: tattoosbynewyork