Kim Morel – Body Piercer


Kim is a professional licensed body piercer and is available by appointment at Wayne’s Tattoo World.  She has been working in the industry since 2007.

Kim supports the crew at Wayne’s Tattoo World behind the scenes. She is married to owner and artist Wayne Morel, she helps with office managing but her love is for adorning people with beautiful, high quality jewelry.  Kim enjoys piercing ages 8 years and older and believes in the importance of promoting and educating people about how to properly care for piercings.  

Quality and care are very important as well as educating our clients on how to have their piercing be a success.  We only use the highest quality jewelry, implant grade titanium as well as 14kt Gold.  Check out Kim’s portfolio to see the variety of piercings that she offers.

Piercings are by appointment only, so please call to schedule.