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We are proud of the reputation both our Tattoo Artists and our Body Piercers have for creating amazing designs, art work, friendliness and cleanliness.

Ben gave me my first hand tat.

He was open to go back and forth on the design, was open to black and grey vs color. He let me have input on everything.

Once we knew what I wanted he took over, killed the sketch, and delivered the cleanest tattoo that I have.

It healed faster than most of my black and grays.

Very impressed… I’ll be back asap.

 by Kara
Kim rescued me and saved my nasal piercing

During the pandemic, I attempted to change my jewelry. I had difficulty placing the back post, and after 2 days of trying EVERYTHING I thought I had it, but it turned out that I HADN’T actually managed to lock the front and back parts of the piercing together and they fell out overnight. Also, while lying down, my nose continued to swell… and despite our best efforts, I could no longer even get the front to touch the back post through all the swelling.
MA piercing salons cannot perform under-mask work owing to mandates… so in a panic, at 8am I desperately emailed Wayne’s in New Hampshire. Despite it being Sunday morning AND her day off, Kim agreed to meet me at 10am in the shop where she inserted a longer post and fixed the problem. She was SO empathetic and helpful… knowledgeable and professional that if you are lucky enough to live nearby - but even if you live in the Boston area and need to drive the 45-minutes to reach her in Derry- Kim is your best choice 👌

Thank you Kara! I was happy to help. It was great to meet you and I hope to see you again 🙂 Kim

It was amazing going together and getting all these piercings! Kimberly Morel did an amazing job! It was great that both my girls had such an easy experience that even the same day they both want more! It was a great time! Thanks Kim!! Definitely coming to you for all my future piercings

Today i took a whole family trip to get ear piercing done.!!!! I personally did my industrial and wow can i say how amazing Kimberly Morel is!!! I loveeeee going to Wayne's Tattoo World!! Kim is truly amazing and she just kept letting me bring more and more people in!! Helped me with being anxious to! I love her and wayne so much! Made them a gift for everything they do for me ♥️

 by Peggy Miele Leger

Wayne took a sketch and an idea and blew it up more than I knew I wanted!! There are no words to tell him how happy I am!! And he is just a just a great person on top of being a GREAT artist!!! My experience from scheduling to finished product is a perfect 10!! Found my artist for life!!

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